It’s National Family Hydration Month!

It’s National Family Hydration Month! Hydrate Now

Happy National Family Hydration
Awareness Month!

For busy families, staying hydrated feels like an impossible task on an already packed to-do list.

Let's celebrate National Family Hydration Awareness Month by learning to hijack hydration--so you can reap the benefits of performance, health, and feeling good.

Is Easier Than
You Think

SOS Berry

Hydrating with SOS
helps you...

Live a healthier life Live a healthier life
Experience fewer headaches Experience fewer headaches
Increase your concentration Increase your concentration
Sleep better Sleep better
Feel more energized Feel more energized
Experience overall improved performance Experience overall improved performance

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Helpful Hydration

Use a chore tracker to track your hydration

Keep a list on the fridge for your kids and you to track the number of glasses you drink in a day!

Turn it into a fun competition to see who can stay the most hydrated!

Make hydration part of your daily routine

When we first wake up, we are typically very dehydrated after not hydrating while we were asleep.

Try to make a habit of hydrating first thing in the morning or having SOS at the breakfast table. It will get you more energized and ready to start your day.

Hydrate quicker with SOS!

SOS Hydration absorbs quickly, has very little sugar, and gives you 3 bottles worth of hydration in just one bottle.

This is a great healthy lunch alternative to juice boxes, plus if you’d prefer a pre-made drink, SOS Hydration offers a ready to drink option as well.

Get your kids excited about hydrating with new PAW Patrol SOS ( With their favorite characters, tasty flavors, added vitamins, and optimal electrolyte balance, SOS Kids is sure to give your kids the energy boost they need.

Learn more about SOS Kids...

...and SOS for grown-ups!

Hydration for the
Whole Family

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