SOS Family Hydration Challenge
with Michelle Smith (@recoveryisthenewblack_)

SOS Family Hydration Challenge Hydrate Now

The kids are back in school, it's still warm outside, and we all want our kids to perform. But, you've also got to take care of yourself as well, mom!

For busy families staying hydrated feels like an impossible task on an already packed to-do list. Let's simplify it so the whole amily can reap the benefits of performance, health, and feeling good.

Staying hydrated doesn’t have to feel like a chore. SOS Hydration will have you feeling like the super-mom you are and help your kids feel like superheroes.


Hydrating with SOS
helps you...

Live a healthier life Live a healthier life
Experience fewer headaches Experience fewer headaches
Increase your concentration Increase your concentration
Sleep better Sleep better
Feel more energized Feel more energized
Experience overall improved performance Experience overall improved performance

...with only 3 grams of sugar in each serving!

Doesn’t that sound like a great way to take care of your family?

Take the
SOS Family Hydration Challenge

What To Expect For The Challenge
Ready for the 30-Day Hydration Challenge?

We've created a private, non-judgmental space for Moms and their children to learn, hydrate, and have some fun. Creating healthy habits takes consistency and discipline. Why not have some fun along the way?

We invite you and your children to participate in an interactive, content-packed challenge with other like-minded Moms. You can expect accountability, mindset coaching, and a new appreciation for nurturing your body to obtain optimal health.

What's Inside?

  • Creating new habits that stick.
  • Tips to keep the kids wanting more.
  • How to use SOS products.
  • Friendship through accountability and motherhood.
  • Mindset coaching.
  • A plan to hydrate long after this challenge.
  • Weekly challenges for the entire family to enjoy. You don't want to miss the prizes.
  • Earn your choice of a PAW Patrol Chase or Skye toy for completing all four challenges.

Our children are not the best listeners, but they are always watching. Let's give them something to imitate!

Time to splash into the challenge!

Your daily hydration plan

Here’s what you'll need...

For mom:

SOS Hydration ready to drink

3x 12pack cases of SOS
(for 1 SOS Drink Per Day)


For the kids:

30 Sticks of SOS Kids

30 Sticks of SOS Kids
(for 1 SOS Stick Per Day)


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and hydrate the whole family
for the month

For $119.97 only $99.97

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