SOS ready to go hydration bundle

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2xMango 2xWatermelon 2xFruit Punch


SOS ready to drink is your perfect daily hydration, immunity and vitamin booster.

Balanced electrolytes and vitamins for daily hydration and maintenance

SOS is healthy, tastes good and has only 10 calories.

Be 100% hydrated & perform at your best— mentally & physically, with the next-generation drink that complements all others.


✅ Low Sugar - Ketogenic certified

✅ Only 10 Calories 

✅ Full compliment of electrolytes 

✅ 100% RDA Vitamin B12

✅ 60% RDA Vitamin B6

✅ 27% RDA Zinc

✅ 8% RDA Magnesium

✅ 38% RDA Vitamin D

✅ 60% RDA Vitamin C

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