Top Tips For Quarantine

Top Tips For Quarantine

What tops our list of supplies for a corona virus quarantine.  Surprisingly toilet paper isn’t at the top of the list.


As a veteran and now father of a beautiful family, planning for times like these is essential but when looking at all those supermarket carts it’s interesting to see that many have opted for bottled water and toilet roll.  Whilst these are high priority, both would not make the top of my list.

Food, water and shelter are the 3 key requirements of humans, though in these circumstances you need to add some fun especially if you have kids with you.


First off plan before you buy.  There is a high likelihood that if you look in your cupboards, you have most of what you need for two weeks already.  Now it’s just a case of refreshing essentials and having a few extra meals on hand.


This is our list of recommendations:



Water is an essential life source but for 95% of us it can be drunk from the tap.  Water, in the USA, is on the whole drinkable so there is no need to go and buy a cart full. 



After water, we all need to eat.  Frozen, dry and canned food make great basic foundations.  Of that you want a mix of protein, vegetables and carbohydrates.  Make sure to add some fun food and treats and enjoy experimenting with recipes. Don’t forget to add baby food if you have a house with young ones.  You don’t need to go and buy military ration packs as the gas, electricity and water will still stay on. 


Medical supplies:

Ensure, especially if you have young children or older people with you, that you have enough medicine like baby / infant Motrin / Tylenol and adult cold and flu remedies.  Vitamin C is good to stock up on though this can be gained from fruit.   If you have medical prescriptions, ensure you have a supply of those to get you through.  A first aid kit is a good purchase now in case you have any minor injuries.



Electrolytes like SOS will not only help speed recovery from viral infections and fever by keeping you hydrated, it can also ensure that you keep hydrated throughout the day.  There have been reports that corona virus in some instances can cause diarrhea and vomiting, so having SOS on hand will help with recovery.  SOS is safe for children.



Essential to keep the virus at bay and is more effective than hand sanitizer.  Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds each time.


Baby supplie

With a young baby in our house we have made sure we have adequate supplies of Diapers, wipes, moisturizer and of course formula.


Finally, household and personal hygiene supplies like toilet roll, feminine care products, shampoo etc. but it’s only two weeks not a year.


Once you have stocked up on the essentials, it’s time to ensure there is enough stuff to do at home for two weeks.


Brain games:

Keep the mind active.  Of course, it’s a great time to binge watch those favourite TV shows, but it’s also important to keep your mind active.  Make sure the WIFI works, that you have access to some board games, that you have a place for the kids to do their homework and try to stay social.



Like yoga or  routines.  If you have an exercise bike then great, if not there is plenty of opportunity to turn your home into a mini gym.  Exercise will keep the mind sharp and help burn calories.  Clearly if sick it’s not the time to exercise.



Try to establish a routine every day just like if you were going to work or school.  This will ensure that time flies by


Look out for others especially the elderly:

Finally, we are a community!  Whilst some have lost sight of this with their selfish actions you all haven’t and I thank you for it.  Check your neighbors and ensure you have an eye on elderly relatives and elderly people in your community.  Make sure they have enough food and supplies and most important are feeling OK. 

We may not go into quarantine at all, or may not for several weeks, so ensure you stay topped up, don’t panic and try to make light of the situation as much as one can.  If you do get sick, then we wish you a speedy recovery and please take care!


SOS will remain in stock and we are producing more supplies of our own to ensure that we have enough to cover the demand but as you have seen we are also trying to do our little bit for the community by donating to care workers and those who have the virus


Stay well and if you are unfortunate to get it recover quickly please!



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